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Enthusiasm all around27-08-2019
The summer of 2019 kept its promise. It started off splendidly. With an enthusiastic audience. At the atelier exhibitions, at the business nights and at the sneak preview of The Bronze Story. More ent…Read more

Broadcast of The Bronze Story July 2 and July 326-06-2019
We proudly present: The Bronze Story! And we’re happy about it! The Bronze Story focuses on sculptor Jos Dirix and his honourable assignment for the city of Weert: the creation of the eighth eq…Read more

Spring atelier exhibition 201920-06-2019
The spring exhibition of 2019 already started on Thursday with the premiere of the documentary The Bronze Story. Guests, the filmmakers, others involved and Jos Dirix himself were the spectators at the first showing. Read more

Sensory sensation in France20-06-2019
Lingering through the mountains and in the open fields,between heaven and earth.Some 30 miles of meditative hiking, 20 of which in silence.Reading Tom Parks’s ’Teach Us to Sit Still’…Read more

Equestrian statue Philips de Montmorency07-12-2018
'When I accepted this assignment I committed myself to making a statue with significance and vigour. A statue that matters. The equestrian statue of Weert is the first in the province of Limburg &ndas…Read more

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