A Horse called Corona

Jos Dirix Kijk

When Jos Dirix made his latest work of art he chose a material different from the characteristic bronze that he is so familiar with. Passing his house and atelier at 'de Dries' in his hometown Neer you can hear an incessant chopping and grinding. Dirix's latest creation is a sculpture in wood. 'Ever since my earliest years as an artist I have loved working in wood. Already in the Art Academy. Forced by the limitations of the pandemic and the lockdown I decided to create an artwork in wood. There were opportunities in that compulsive seclusion. To come to a halt and to focus on the essentials. A period to contemplate on where I stand as an artist. I chose this venture on purpose', Jos explains. 'First I built a door in our barn. This provided me with a new working space and literal lockout. Also of course because I anticipated sawdust. A lot of sawdust, since I knowingly chose a large scale sculpture.'

The impact of the coronavirus is worldwide. The world came to a standstill. Incertitude about what was coming. An utterly unexpected impact. 'A Horse Called Corona' is a large wooden sculpture. A horse with its head held high and its leg stretched straight. Recognizable and at the same time an abstraction of the abrupt alertness. A horse with in its skin playful pleats, at its surface tight tendons and in its depths the layerings of the timber. The sculpture is made out of the trunk of one linden tree.

Sculpture of wood
'The wood defies me and my model leads me. My own horse is standing right next to my barn. I can see it and feel it over and over again. Creating in wood is artisanal work. It is intensive labour with a lot of thinking about the construction and a constant attentiveness to handle the material with inventiveness. The modelling is just like working with wax or clay. I'm totally excited. It seizes me entirely, I want to work for hours and I have no more than three planks left. Then the tree trunk has ben moulded into the new wooden sculpture. A new sculpture, redesigned out of respect for nature.'

The press highlighted this new remarkable sculpture.

Jos Dirix sculptures