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Enthusiasm all around

The summer of 2019 kept its promise. It started off splendidly. With an enthusiastic audience. At the atelier exhibitions, at the business nights and at the sneak preview of The Bronze Story. More enthusiasm followed after the actual broadcasts of this documentary. The creation of the equestrian statue of Philip de Montmorency and my work as a sculptor were well put in the spotlight. People are looking forward to yet another equestrian statue, the eighth in the Netherlands, and to the further journeys of this magnificent statue.

Then there was Berlin. Berlin was brilliant! My presentation there during The Icelandic World Championships 2019 was received with great appreciation. Several of my sculptures found a new home. Across borders. In Sweden, in Germany and in the Netherlands. The exhibition at The Icelandic World Championships 2021 in Herning, Denmark, has already been confirmed. And then, just to top it off, a wonderful summerly sunny picture taken in Greece by a content buyer of a sculpture of mine. This really makes me tick!

Zomer 2019

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