Jos Dirix sculptor

The artist Jos Dirix
Dirix craves the craftsmanship of sculpting, understanding, representing and transcending. Sculpting is synonymous with searching for answers and finding solutions. In his atelier Jos develops a deeper contemplation with every sculpture. Skilfully creating with his hands, head and heart.

In the village of Neer, in the very South of the Netherlands, sculptor Jos Dirix lives and works together with his spouse Wilma amidst nature, amongst art and alongside their Icelandic horses. Because of his daily rides with these horses through the nearby nature reserve of Leudal there's an intense interaction between the horseman and his horse. Motion, rhythm and equilibrium. But also in the fervent practice of the Japanese martial art of jiujitsu Dirix finds the sensations of tensity and unity. Jos hunts for the best, both in life and in art.

Bronze art
Sculptor Jos Dirix creates expressive bronze sculptures. The entire oeuvre of Jos Dirix, each and every artwork, is a bronze image of respect for life. His sculptures are full of dynamics: horses, bulls, men, women and preditors. Every sculpture is a fascinating union of perception, interpretation and imagination. A sculpture by Jos Dirix beautifies public space, your private home or your garden. But there's more. As a purchaser once put it: 'When looking at his sculptures you always feel the tensity of a whiplash. I experience an intense energetic impetus'.

'The tensity of one single moment, the utter momentum of the perfection of the motion, the display of an open-ending story in the circle of life, that moment, that intrinsic sensation, I pass on. That's what I seize in bronze.'

Jos Dirix

Jos Dirix
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