Inspiration shots exclusively for businesspeople and managers

The artworks of Jos Dirix, splashing with power and energy, are eagerly seen and bought by businessmen and -women. His art is experienced as pure inspiration.

Artistship characterizes itself by craftsmanship and intuition. Creating is a constant process of opening up, necessary when seeking for answers and finding solutions. But there is more.

Jos is both artist and businessman and he has the positive power to develop opportunities at both levels. He strives for depth and wants to get the utmost out of his work and his personality. His need to fathom, with his head and his heart, embodies innovation.

Jos and his wife Wilma own Icelandic horses. He cares immensely for these animals. In his daily contact with his horses Jos faces himself. Horses need clear control with resilience and maneuverability. The sincere interactions with the horses mirror personal leadership.

A workshop with Jos Dirix provokes. The participants first look at Dirix's sculptures and listen to his personal story. Then they will start working individually with the unique combination of art, horses and nature. Jos inspires others into new possibilities in his or her entrepreneurship and he encourages their personal passions. This results in a process of interaction and creation, while artistic forces are broached, that above all re-energizes everyone's mindset.

During the carefully prepared workshops the goal and the wishes of the businesspeople are the core, over and over again. Possibilities can be discussed for both the duration and the location, such as one-day or multi-day courses, either in the Dutch village of Neer or in France. Both in a rustic environment with Jos's own atelier. You can inscribe as a group. Are you interested? Contact us!

Jos Dirix sculptures